not exactly back to normal

not that i thought things would get back to normal right away, but the first couple of days JR was back at work were kinda hard. i was at home for most of the day but i wasn't able to get anything done besides unloading the dishwasher ... and breastfeeding maya ... over and over and over again. she is literally draining me of my life juices. no wonder she's gained so much weight!

and it was three days since i last showered. yes, you heard me right: three days. i finally felt like i accomplished something today when i got to shower before 10am, i did a load of laundry, checked my email, went to the library with ian, made dinner and did the dishes. not bad, right?

there's just so much to do but i have no energy to do anything. so, don't be surprised if i don't get around to blogging very often. i'm going to try, but i don't think i'll be online everyday ... at least, not until i start having withdrawals!


Tracy Lynn said...

Hey, Yucaree, we all know how it is. And I think we will take what we can get until things are easier for you. :-)

New Teach said...

You showered, did laundry, cooked, and did dishes -- all while breastfeeding a newborn and taking care of a five-year-old?! I am very impressed. Go easy on yourself!

allison said...

hey, yucaree, take it easy on yourself. you are a new mom again and need to rest as much as you can...motherhood is a long haul so pace yourself and take time to enjoy each step of the way. i'm really impressed, too, by how much you are juggling already!