fall in los angeles

now that thanksgiving has passed, it's finally starting to feel a bit like fall here in southern california. the last few days have been cooler and the wind has really picked up at night. in the evenings we bundle under our new peruvian alpaca blanket (a gift from JR's aunt) and watch tv or play video games.

yesterday, JR and ian raked the leaves that fell into our front yard from the neighbor's tree. ian was excited about jumping into the leaf pile and JR got some good shots of him playing in the leaves. (they're so cute, in fact, that i plan to scrapbook the pictures ... eventually.)

fall is my favorite season, and it was especially wonderful while JR and i were away at college in upstate new york. the leaves would turn into rich shades of yellow, red and gold, the air was crisp, and the skies clear. unfortunately, the beautiful fall weather didn't last too long before the bitter cold set in, but it definitely left a lasting impression on me.

today i took maya out for a walk after dropping ian off at school because it was such a nice day. i had on my favorite knit sweater -- the first one i bought my freshman year in college that's so comfy and worn. and despite being exhausted from the lack of sleep, i enjoyed a brief stroll around the neighborhood.

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grudge girl said...

Such a cute, happy picture! Fall makes the best photos, totally. As does an extremely adorable little boy. Yay fall!