3 weeks.

maya @ 3 weeks :: november 25, 2005

  • she eats and eats and eats some more
  • i cannot put her down for a moment; she loves to be insists on being held & cuddled
  • she's starting to get baby acne on her face
  • her eyelashes and eyebrows are growing in
  • after looking at photos of ian as a baby, we realized maya looks remarkably like her brother at the same age

    Tracy Lynn said...

    So much bigger and more baby than newborn. Awesome.

    grudge girl said...

    Wowee, girl! What are you eating, and then feeding her?! Sprouts, apparently! She's growing so fast! It's always hard to see when you look at them every day, but to me, it's amazing.

    She's completely precious. Wee little toesies!

    Poor Charlotte had a face FULL of baby acne, to the point that we had to get prescription ointment for it. She was beet red with it for like 2 months. Yikes. But pretty soon, she was that super-soft, almost poreless baby skin all over. I love that. So soft, particularly on the small of her back.

    I envy you, with your new little one.