saturday was ian's last soccer game for the season. it's kind of a shame since he's gotten quite good, especially at defense. at this game he blocked the ball quite a few times. he has such a look of intense concentration and purpose while he plays; i know he's putting everything he's got into the short 10~15 minutes he plays each week.

after the game the team headed to mcdonald's for the team party. (we were rather disappointed about this because we do not take ian to mcd's ever and we did not want to take him ... but he couldn't miss the team party!) i didn't go because i stayed home with maya, but according to JR he had that proud look on his face when he received his trophy.

ian's still not sure if he's going to play again next year. me, personally, i'm not as against this whole soccer thing as i was at the beginning of the season. i think ian's improved greatly and he probably did learn something about trying his best and sportsmanship.


grudge girl said...

what a darling, proud, sporty looking boy. I'm so glad he got that trophy. Stuff like that means a lot to kids. And it's great that he got something out of the experience.

We never go to McDonalds either, except every once in a blue moon (like on trips) for cinnamon rolls and hash browns in the morning. Because we never go (not much for veggies), Simon thinks it is like Mecca. Stupid McDonalds world domination!

yucaree said...

he's so happy with his trophy; until now he had to make do with his father's old trophies. it's a cute little trophy that cost us $20! i hope this isn't required of us every year!

i have to admit, i do like the mcd's fries and hash browns and, for some reason, their apple pie -- there's just something about that fried crust! but i've been good and i haven't gone in years!