good enough ... maybe even bad ... parenting

since it was thanksgiving yesterday and we had to see family and friends we decided to finally give maya a bath. now, some of you may be thinking, "um, isn't she like three weeks old already? and you're just now giving her her first bath?!" and you would be correct. naturally, after three weeks of going unbathed, she was starting to stink. so that was another reason why she had to take a shower.

and, i have to admit, the third reason why i avoided the whole bath thing was because ian hated being bathed (he's still not too fond of it) and it was a real process and a half to give him a bath. i was afraid we were going to encounter the same thing with maya.

since we don't have a baby bath for her, and JR poo-pooed my idea of giving her a bath in the kitchen sink (it's really large and the faucet has a shower nozzle), we decided to take her into the regular shower. we wrapped her up in a hand towel to reduce slippage and keep her warm and also turned down the water pressure. i prepared myself for a scream-fest, but when i took her from JR and tentatively sprayed her body with water she didn't let out a peep. it still took two of us to manuever the showerhead and get her completely washed, but maya seemed perfectly content; in fact, she fell asleep part way through the shower. i was sooooo relieved and happy about this! now, i'm not sure if she'll be this peaceful during the next shower, or the one after that, or 2 years from now, but i'll take what i can get.

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