one week

1. her hair is amazingly soft
2. she burps with the best of 'em ... and spits up too!
3. pink is not her color
4. she cries during diaper changes during the day but not during changes at night
5. she has hairy shoulders
6. she has a crazy strong neck and she can already push herself up
7. she has two swirls of hair on the back of her head (apparently, in japan, that means she's going to be a stubborn kid -- great!)
8. she doesn't have baby fat yet
9. she cries like a girl
10. gotta love that newborn milky smell


grudge girl said...

So sweet! I know that girl cry. Man, you make me long for another one. I must be losing my mind!

I'm glad she's chill at night. That's a good sign.

Watch for diaper rash. I've found that it's FAR worse with my girl than it ever was with the boys. I always thought that because I breast fed, the rash was minimal. WRONG-O! Charlotte is much more likely to get it, and when she does, she's absolutely MIserable, and we just feel sooooo bad for her, because she doesn't even want to sit down!

I can sense that you are very in love with her. Aren't you relieved?! It's so sweet!

yucaree said...

we're trying to be really careful about the diaper rash ... she's already kinda red in that area.

i'm definitely finding that changing a girl's diaper requires more attention to detail than changing a boy's diaper. but, then again, you don't have to worry about the girl peeing in her own face!

and i really am quite in love with her! maybe more than i thought i would be ...

Tracy Lynn said...

YAY! Baby stuff! My niece Sadie came to my house last week for a visit. I hadn't seen her in a month or so, and now she smiles at me! With her fat baby face!
She was a preemie, so we love that fact that she is getting huge. She is about 5 months old now. Yay, Babies!