for the boy's birthday JR and i decided we just couldn't do a birthday party this year because we weren't sure when the girl was going to be born. instead, we gave the boy the option of going to legoland with JR or taking some friends to see a movie. the boy chose legoland, which would be his first trip to a real amusement park.

i was totally bummed that i couldn't go with them. i've taken the boy on almost every major outing (except sporting events) and i couldn't believe i was going to miss this one. i insisted that JR take lots of photos (i must've reminded him like ten times to take the camera and extra batteries). all day friday, while they were gone, i was kinda sad, but at least the boy had a great day.

on the way home they dropped by JR's grandparents' house for dinner. the boy received his birthday present -- the newest addition to our family -- an R2D2 voice-activated robot! (the same one your family has, grudge girl!)


grudge girl said...

Now I am seriously jealous because Legoland is the one place we didn't go when we were in LA that I really wanted to go. I hope he had an awesome time!!!

That's a great birthday!

grudge girl said...

That's so awesome about the R2D2. It's so funny, because he's in our living room right now. HA!

We've all been playing with him a LOT lately. The neighbor kids come over to see him. Andy orders him around just for fun after the kids go to bed.

Charlotte's not entirely sure what to make of him, but when she's not skittishly peeking around the corner of the couch, she knows everyone shouts, "Hey R2!" at him, and so she hollers too!

Have you gotten him to remember Darth Vader yet?