spoiled rotten

the other day a big package came for ian and JR from one of my best friends, K. (this is the same friend who, after seeing pictures of maya for the first time, was proud and ecstatic that maya looked totally asian!)

"auntie K" likes to spoil ian on his birthday and this year was no exception. in fact, this year she went crazy despite my (half-hearted) attempts to stop her. she had seen on ian's amazon wishlist that he wanted the star wars lego ps2 game. but i told her not to get it because we didn't have the console. so, instead of getting a boardgame like i had suggested, she decided to get a ps2. she said it was partly for JR as a reward because he had "stuck with" me -- what is that supposed to mean?!

anyway, here's ian opening up his package and seeing with delight his new toy. it also came with a teenage mutant ninja turtle 3 game.

thank you, K, for being a wonderful auntie and giving ian things he really wants!

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Gary Freedman said...

Kids were made to be spoiled!