some progress

four more days until my due date. i'm finally starting to relax about it and be okay with just letting nature take its course.

i saw the ob this morning and after struggling to find my cervix (apparently it's waaaaaaay back there behind a few twists and turns) she said i was about 2cm dilated. and instead of losing my mucus plug in one fell swoop, apparently i'm losing it gradually. so no glob of mucus to look for unlike everyone else i know! (was that more info than you needed to know? i thought so.)


allison said...

there's really no rush, now that i'm out of the running in predicting your due date! take it easy, enjoy your last few moments of quiet before the storm. i'm thinking of you often, so keep on blogging!

grudge girl said...

Tuesday! Tuesday!

(Ethan's birthday - my prediction.)

I'm on pins and needles every day, and every time you don't post for a while, I get nervous and excited!