happy birthday #5

just as grudge girl marveled at how it's been over a decade since she's become a mother, i too am astonished that i've finished year 5 of being a mom.

i've had the pleasure of lavishing all of my attention on just my boy for almost five full years. i'm blessed to be his mom; i really couldn't ask for a better son. he's sweet, smart, sensitive and funny. i know he'll be a great brother to maya because he's just a great person, even at five years old.

happy birthday, big guy!


grudge girl said...

Ok. First: He was FOUR and working Sudoku? Four.

I've got to get cracking with Simon, man. That's brilliant!

Second: That cake looks amazing!

Third: What is the red item there next to the cake? I must know.

Looks like yumminess.

p.s. That picture is really sweet.

yucaree said...
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yucaree said...

the picture is of ian and my mom, whose birthday is the day before ian's. i like this picture too -- i know it means a lot to my mom to be able to share her birthday celebrations with her grandson.

my mother-in-law got that fancy cake (it was the most decadent chocolate on the inside with a hint of coffee) for ian, and the fruit tart next to it for my mom. both were deeeeeee-licious!

well, ian was very close to 5 when he started sudoku-ing, so there's no rush with simon. but it really is a great way to get them to start thinking logically. ian, of course, can't do the sudoku by himself but i see quite a bit of improvement in his skills just by doing one or two puzzles a week.