ah, memories

back in the day i was a high school journalist. in fact, JR and i worked on the newspaper staff together for two years (and secretly kissed in the closet of the journalism room our senior year; shhh ... don't tell!).

i recently got a letter from the california scholastic press association, which hosts a summer journalism camp. my friend NW and i went the summer before our senior year. i don't know about him, but i had a good time and learned in a most heinous way that sports writing is very difficult. i also made some pretty good friends considering we were only together for two weeks. over the years we've all fallen out of touch and i sometimes wonder what they're up to ... have any of them actually become journalists? as for me, i don't even remember if i ever wanted to be a journalist "when i grew up." and i was never much of a journalist anyway, as you can tell from my poorly written blog!

seeing the group photo of us reminded me how young and silly i used to be. can you find me in the 1993 photo?

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hobokener said...

2nd row third from right. easy!