home sweet home

the girl and i came back to our house on friday after a week at my parents'. i was starting to get restless there, even though i was being totally taken care of. and, of course, i was really missing the boys. it was nice to get back to the familiarity of my own house and all the clutter that it entails; after the sparse (relative) neatness of my parents' house my own house looked like a total disaster zone even though nothing had changed since i was there last week.

one of the best parts about getting home was that there was a package waiting for me from grudge girl. sweet, sweet grudge girl had sent gifts all the way from indiana for everyone in my family. there was an adorable hat and wonderfully girly degas book for the girl; star wars stickers (chosen by her son) and a fabulous david macaulay book for the boy; rice bowls for each of us (fyi, GG: the boy claimed the green monkey bowl as his own ... and i think i'll take the yellow kitty one!); and two great chicky mini-buttons, which i'm going to attach to the girl's diaper bag. i was totally thrilled to get such great goodies from a friend i made online! thank you sooooo much, grudge girl!

the girl and i are still trying to figure out the best sleeping arrangements -- the first night we slept in the bed, but i had to leave the light on and i know neither JR or myself got any good rest. so the last two nights we've been sleeping on the couch, which is pretty darn comfortable. but when the boy wakes up early in the morning i have to move back to the bed. tonight we're going to try sleeping in the girl's room on the futon i borrowed from my parents. hopefully that will work out for all of us.

tomorrow JR goes back to work. i have my doubts that things are going to go "back to normal" but i'll do my best: getting up in the morning to get the boy ready for school, getting some chores done (not!), getting dinner ready, and, of course, blogging!

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grudge girl said...

Aw shucks. Ain't no thing.

(I knew he'd pick the monkey bowl. Hee!)